The Carbeth Cardigan - begins Jan. 26

Carbeth Cardigan.JPG
Carbeth Cardigan.JPG

The Carbeth Cardigan - begins Jan. 26


This Winter are going to have the continuation of our Carbeth Series .We made the sweater last year. You can see a model in the store.

In the first session you will be choosing the yarn, talk about the swatch, and talk about the general details of the cardigan..

In session two you will be knitting the sleeves, in session three we will be putting the sweater

together. In session four we will be attacking the finishing, the neckline and the button band.

Jessie and Brigitte will see that you are happy with your sweater, giving as much advice

as possible.

Time: January 26, February 17, March 17 and April 13.

The class is always on Sundays from 4 -6

 Cost - class fee, plus materials (yarn and pattern).


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